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            Physics Core Components

1. Measurement                  5. Electricity & Magnetism

2. Mechanics                       6. 2-Dim., Circular,  Periodic, and Gravitation

3. Thermal Physics             7. Atomic/Particle Physics  Standard Model

4. Oscillations / Waves      8. Energy Production    Handouts #1.   #2.

                              Additional Components

1. Wave Phenomena                  3. Fields

2. Electromagnetic Induction    4. Quantum and Nuclear

                            Optional Topics

1. Astrophysics A1  A2  A3  A4      3. Imaging  A1

2. Engineering Physics A1 A2        4. Relativity A1  A2  A3  A4  A5


 IB Physics Specimen Papers. HERE

 How to write an Abstract.

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Chemical Heritage Foundation at ChemHeritage

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Maxwell's Equations 150 Years: Click on Maxwell150

Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics: Click on Perimeter

NetBeans QuickStart Tutorial


Websites for Physics and Inquiry

Pitt Physics

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Asteroid Mining How Students Learn Science Brain-Computer Interface
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Python Programming History and Philosophy of Science BSCS 5E Teaching Model

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