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            Physics Core Components

1. Measurement                  5. Electricity & Magnetism

2. Mechanics                       6. 2-Dim., Circular,  Periodic, and Gravitation

3. Thermal Physics             7. Atomic/Particle Physics  Standard Model

4. Oscillations / Waves      8. Energy Production    Handouts #1.   #2.

                              Additional Components

1. Wave Phenomena                  3. Fields

2. Electromagnetic Induction    4. Quantum and Nuclear

                            Optional Topics

1. Astrophysics #1  #2  #3  #4      3. Imaging

2. Engineering Physics #1 #2        4. Relativity


 Physics Test Bank and Review Problems. HERE

 How to write an Abstract.

 Dr. Persin's Professional Memberships:

1. AAPT    2. IEEE    3. ACM    4. Linkedin     5. The Chemist  

My Latest Science Interests:

Chemical Heritage Foundation at ChemHeritage

Periodic Table Interactive

Maxwell's Equations 150 Years: Click on Maxwell150

Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics: Click on Perimeter

My Book Publications:  

(All are ideal for computer, engineering, and physics students. View on tablets, laptops, and phones.)

1. PHYSICS SIMPLY PUT: Mechanics with CalculusGet my book HERE for free.

A concise treatment of 12 chapters of Calculus-based Mechanics. 

2. PHYSICS SIMPLY PUT: E&M with CalculusGet my book HERE for free.

A concise treatment of 10 chapters of Calculus-based E&M.

3. JAVA PROGRAMMING. Get my book HERE for free.

A detailed set of 13 chapters in Java Programming with many example programs.

NetBeans QuickStart Tutorial

Other Publications:

1. Web-Assisted Instruction (WAI) in Physics and Block Scheduling   View Publication 

2. Web Design and NSES Content/Process Standards   View Publication

3. Ozone in the Stratosphere: Accumulation and Flow  View Publication


Websites for Physics and Inquiry

Pitt Physics

University of Florida

Florida State University

Dr. Persin - Research Interests
Asteroid Mining How Students Learn Science Brain-Computer Interface
Rust Programming Computer-Supported Teaching Team-Based Learning
Python Programming History and Philosophy of Science BSCS 5E Teaching Model

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